Did Google Lie About Net Neutrality?

By Bree Walker

Two years ago, when I spoke at The Media Reform Conference in Minneapolis, the hard working folks at Free Press were warning us about this. The weak, conservative FCC has helped give Google even more power. And power corrupts.

Read this from HuffPo and make your digital democracy voice heard.

According to press reports, Google has agreed to allow ISPs to construct a new pay-for-play private Internet. But since this news broke, Google has been doing damage control by saying that they haven’t “had any conversations with Verizon about paying for carriage of Google traffic.” But this is sleight-of-hand. They’ve apparently come to an agreement on what is known as “managed services,” or “specialized services.” This scheme will ensure new online innovators will never be able to compete effectively with Google, because they will have to make due with the bandwidth scraps left over for the public Internet. Also in a stunning reversal for Google, they have agreed that no Net Neutrality rules — not even a ban on the outright blocking of content and application — should apply to wireless Internet access.



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  1. Hans Etter Says:

    There have always been a fight between the have and have not’s,before the internet the have had all all the control of what was being the public agenda and opinion of the day.Freedom of speech is a myth unless you can truly practice it and reach your audience,if you are put in a box who will hear you and care about what you say.There is an absolute need for the have to compartmentalization of the internet so there can never be a public agreement of what is right or wrong and what direction this country should take. Just look at all the oppressive nation around the world it is all about net control and those nation have very little patience for any opinion that is differently from theirs.

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